Firstly, if any of you have noticed, I have been alot less active on the site lately than I was in the past few months. Now that I am done with school until September, I am back working my lousy job 6 days a week and don't really have much free time. So until September I will probably not be doing many of the things I was.

In terms of this chapter, I was very disappointed. So many things left unanswered and so much repetition. We did not get an explanation for Isshin's getsuga and then Urahara, Isshin and Yorouichi are all defeated off screen. Then we have Gin saying almost exactly the same things he said last chapter and a quick Aizen gloat. Anyway, it seems the Fake Karakura Town arc is over and the Real Karakura Town Arc is coming so it looks like we are gearing up for the finale and a father son fight is likely to ensue. Can Aizen be defeated by double Getsugas? Now that they are leaving FKT, I really dont know how things will go down. All the major players seem too injured to travel through the gate and if Isshin was taken down that easily then Ichigo does not stand a chance. The only thing I liked about this chapter was the Aizenfly. He was in a cocoon and has a emerged as a beautiful Aizenfly. Not really but I just like that analogy. Here is hoping for an epic chapter next week to make up for this one.

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