I love Bleach. I just love it and this chapter shows why. It started off a bit slow and so I was thinking that I may not even write a blog post like last week but those last few pages were just wow. This showcases why Aizen, Urahara and Isshin are my favorite characters. Aizen can take a direct attack from Shunko but is overwhelmed by Isshin and Urahara attacking together, he stayed true to his character and was completely dismissive of their abilities until they overpowered him. Urahara's new abilities are amazing though I am hoping this does not make Benihime yet another fire type. I also love that Aizen said Urahara is smarter than him. To me that shows a bit of growth in Aizen, being able to admit he is not all around superior to everyone.And then there is Isshin. ISSHIN USING GETSUGA IS JUST AWESOME. I did not see that coming at all and begs the question, is it possible that Isshin has Zangetsu as well? We know from the non canon movie Diamon Dust Rebellion that it is possible for one spirit to have two masters but is Kubo going to make that canon now? I am very excited to find out.

Predictions: I see Deicide going to 10 at which time Aizen will be killed. I have not come up with who I think will kill him yet. It will be either Urahara or Isshin hopefully. I hope that it is not Ichigo. He has killed every main villain in the series now and it is about time the supporting cast got some glory.

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