This is a rare event. Two amazing chapters in a row. This week could not have been better. I am still in awe. As soon as I saw those clogs, my heart raced and I got so happy. There could be no more fitting end to Aizen than to be defeated by the man who originally failed to stop him. It was just spectacular.

Seeing Aizen stripped down to his basic Hōgyoku implanted form was great. Though he is not the same personality wise, it was nice to see him looking as he did. It makes it a little easier for me. I am a little disappointed with the Final GT though, it was very powerful but it lasted no time at all. I would have thought it would have a time limit and not just one attack. Oh well, I am still loving Urahara showing up. I don't think I can rant enough about how much I loved that.

Urahara's seal was also quite interesting. It truly shows Urahara's brilliance that he developed a technique like that that can be implanted through another technique. It is incredible to see, swords impaling him as more swords appear and continue the impalment. It might be my new favorite Bleach technique.

All in all, I think you guys can see that I absolutely loved this chapter so I will stop ranting unless you guys want more. It will be very exciting to see next chapter.

As always, comments are very much appreciated. Just keep them clean.

(Now I have to return to phone banking)

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