Love Love Love Love. Kubo has created a masterpiece of a chapter. We all whined and complained when we did not get to see the Hollow Zangetsu fight. Then last chapter people were complaining that with Ichigo using the Final GT we may be going to see Hollow Zangetsu's fight. Kubo beautifully wove everything together. He hit on the important parts of that fight and still showed us the Final GT which I am amazed at. Its incredible. I was not expecting that at all. It looks like a combination of Sub-Zero/Skorpion and Electra if anyone knows who they are.

Anyway, this chapter is a perfect example of why I love Bleach and Tite Kubo. Yes, Kubo sometimes writes stuff that we do not like and that we do not think is right but then he goes on to provide us with something so incredible and jaw dropping that we forgive him. I know I have complained about some of the stuff in the past but I resign now to just accept what is happening and have faith that Kubo will make up for it.

I think this chapter has finally explained quite a bit. We know now why Aizen could not sense Ichigo's reiatsu, we know what the Final GT is and I think we have an explanation as to why Isshin lost his powers but I won't go into that. This is going to be a rather short blog as I don't want to rave about how much I loved this chapter for too long.

So with that, comments are always welcomed but keep them clean.

P.S- sorry I am late with my blog this week. I made the mistake of thinking phone banking wouldn't take much time.

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