What the hell is that thing? Pseudo Aizen is now just a monster. The endless transformations have just gotten stupid. I was fine with Pseudo Aizen's first and second forms but now they are just getting ridiculous and need to end. This new one is kind of creepy. It reminds me of Venom and Carnage. Actually, I will now be referring to this new Pseudo Aizen as Carnage.

I really didn't like this chapter. All it was was Carnage blabbing more about how he is better than anyone, even Ichigo and then Ichigo in his new smugness tries to bring up a line Aizen (or was it Pseudo Aizen?) once used, BUT FORGOT WHAT MADE THE LINE AWESOME. Seriously, Aizen made that line cool because he showed that no matter how much distance Ichigo put between them, he could always catch up instantly. Now Ichigo uses it and never catches up to Carnage.

Then we have the Final GT. Will it end Carnage? Will Carnage evolve again? Will Deicide end next chapter? So many questions. I don't think the final GT will kill Carnage. I think we are going to see at least 3 more deicides. As for another transformation, I really, really hope not. I have a strong feeling we will be seeing Carnage's Bankai, it would add to the story, even with all of his new powers, the only thing he can rely on are his shingami powers. That would cool.

As always comments are welcomed but keep them clean.

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