That's not Aizen anymore. Whatever he did to himself, it stole what made him amazing. Aizen does not get afraid, Aizen does not get a huge smile across his face when he thinks he has the upper hand. Aizen is a stoic in battle with at most a smirk and lots of taunting. In what was otherwise a very good chapter, this saddened me. I had to realize that my favorite character is no more. Sure the character fighting Ichigo may be named Aizen but it is not the Aizen that shocked everyone by turning traitor. It is not the Aizen who's intellect made him frightening. I loved that Aizen but whatever this is it most certainly is not Aizen.

I am starting to like Ichigo now. For once he is fighting a battle where he is not scared of his enemy or scared of his power. He is not going all out from the start. It seems he is learning to fight. He is not letting Pseudo-Aizen get to him. This reiatsu thing is odd to say the least. While Pseudo-Aizen did say it, Ichigo did not confirm or deny it so I am wondering what is going on there. I really want to see Ichigo's mask now. I have a feeling it has changed again but who knows. Maybe Ichigo is strong enough to win without it but you him, he will probably put it on soon enough and start firing millions of GTs.

Knowing Kubo, as soon as there is a twist or something big happens in this battle. We are going to go back and see Yammy who is now two thousand feet tall and can barely fit in Hueco Mundo. Kenpachi and Byakuya will still be using him as a punching back and we will all sigh.

Comments are always welcomed just keep them clean. Oh and Lia has been winning the blog war for two weeks now. Don't you think its time I won another week?

Update: According to Mangastream, JUMP won't be out until very late tonight/early tomorrow morning. Being that they are West Coast, For those on the East Coast, its looking like 3 in the morning or later. For those in Europe, by the time you wake up tomorrow it will most likely be out(I'm not good with time conversions so this may be wrong).

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