In my period of insomnia I felt that getting my thoughts out may help me sleep.

I won't say I am disappointed in this chapter(although maybe a little since everyone who read the spoiler was so outraged that they had). Instead I would say more so that I was confused about it. Gin's bankai raises my first question and hopefully someone can explain it to me. What is the big deal about how fast it can contract? I get that it's fast but is that truly the deadliest part of it so much so that it was attempted to be kept secret? Also, if Shinso is not the longest zanpakuto then what is? Is there someone out there that has a zanpakuto longer than 13km or did I miss something? That whole ordeal confused me and I am looking forward to some explanation.

Over on the Aizen side of things I am questioning whether or not he was really at his limit. I know Isshin is insanely strong but we are talking about the guy who's battle stats are as good as Yama's. Aizen has never had trouble with anyone including taking on 5 captains at once and now Isshin shows up and takes him to his limit. I think that he could have kept going. I dont think he was anywhere near his limit but he wanted to show off whatever ability he is about to reveal. He does not see whatever he is about to do as a trump card but as a guaranteed win. This is the part that excites me the most about this chapter because 1. If Aizen thinks it is a guaranteed win then you know it will be something insane and powerful and 2. It will be something we have not seen before since we know that he does not have a hollow.

With all this in stock for the coming chapters I am very pumped. I will not say anything about one of my predictions because I went back and read the spoiler for this week only to find that my prediction will come true. This makes me very happy as I have been waiting for this for a while now. Till next time-

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