So apparently we are still doing Deicides. My new guess is Deicide goes to 1 million. This way if I am wrong and it never reaches one million, I won't be mad.

Anyway, pretty nice chapter. Oh Zennosuke, haha. Ichigo had no idea what his name was and so he just made one up. That is just great. He comes in looking all BA and then tries to seem all serious and reassuring and then... he has no idea who he is talking to. I love parts like that. It was nice to see Aizen finally lose that smug. BRING BACK OLD AIZEN. Old Aizen was so much better and would make the story from this point on actually work. Anyway, I am ranting, I hate when I start to rant.

So I am a little confused as to what was going on with Gin, it still looks like he is dead but they did show quite a bit of his corpse, perhaps this is how Kubo is confirming he is dead? Then we have Isshin, passed out and with a rugged beard. It is quite manly, I approve of it. I really wish Isshin would join in the fight but I doubt that will happen.

Ichigo has also gotten faster. It seems that hyper speed combat is now faster than flash steps. Its about time, he only seemed as fast as maybe Soifon before but it seems that he can move faster than anyone's flash steps now.

Well that is about all I have to say about that chapter. Im looking forward to the upcoming chapters.

As always comments are appreciated but keep them clean and we can all be one big happy family. You do want to be one big happy family right?

P.S @GinIchimaru, you were right, the black hand is a glove or something, not charring

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