I miss the old Aizen, the one who was just a genius and his incredible ability to survive anything came from an amazing zanpakuto and his intellect. Now we have a new true Aizenfly with wings and everything. I could stand behind the old Aizen and say he was my favorite character, now Kubo has just turned him into a rambling idiot that is invincible.

I really hate to say it but at this point I think I could write better for Bleach than Kubo. He is being predictable and has created a character that no matter how much damage he takes, he can't die. It would be unrealistic for anything to kill him now. I don't care how powerful the final GT may be, if Aizen can survive being ripped in half, there is no way any attack can kill him. He doesn't even need the hogyoku anymore it seems.

I will not say that this was a bad chapter, just disappointing. I think we all knew that Gin would turn on Aizen and that Aizen would not die. It was predictable and that is what is making me a little upset. Kubo has not really shocked us in a long time.

Anyway, I think next chapter will be focusing on Gin vs. Aizen. The two will fight with Gin losing. We will be getting a glimpse into the past of Gin plotting most likely and then as Aizen is about to make the key, Ichigo shows up and gets his *** handed to him. Then at the last moment, he finds the resolve to win and defeats Aizen with the final GT. Predictable :(

As always, comments are welcome but keep it clean and no attacking other users. Last week I had 40 editors and over 100 comments, can we break that this week?

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