ITS OUT ITS OUT. Oh how I loved this chapter. I told you guys months ago that Gin would kill Aizen. As soon as they revealed his bankai I knew it and I am glad to see I was right. This is the chapter I have been waiting for. People have accused me of only liking a chapter when there was action but this chapter was light on the action and I still loved it. The story finally made progress and I couldn't be happier.

It seems Gin and Aizen had not trusted each other for a long time. That I would not have guessed but it was a great turn of events. Also, I really liked what they did with Gin's bankai, it is no longer just a longer faster version of his shikai. I am suspicious of Gin now. I don't think he actually killed Rangiku. I think he found a way to hide her Reiatsu from Aizen though I have no evidence of this other than Kubo has never killed a good guy but hey, maybe Rangiku is the first? Shame though, I liked her. With this chapter I can now say that I am a Gin fan. Tinni will be so happy.

My biggest hope right now is that the deicide's are over. Now that Deicide has been committed there is no reason to call the chapters Deicide. However, here is the thing. We have Ichigo training in the Dangai. This would be entirely wasted if Gin killed Aizen and is a good guy. So here is what I am thinking. We have two options right now. Aizen lives, kills Gin and continues on his merry way or, Gin becomes the new antagonist.My hope is for the latter.

As always, comments are appreciated but keep on topic and no attacking other users.

P.S, I kind of hope I get to retract this later but R.I.P Aizen, you were the best character in all of Bleach

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