Another week, another decide and another blog with me saying, END THE DECIDE CHAPTERS. Really, I think every bleach fan is sick of deicide. I seriously considered not writing a blog about this chapter as 1)It came out last night right as I was going to sleep, 2) I am very late in writing it and 2) This chapter was the most useless thing ever.

Seriously, Kubo is starting to piss me off. Does he truly think anyone cares about RKT? He sets up this amazing fight between Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo and we don't even get to see it? That is stupid and makes me rage. Last week it seemed we were finally going to get to see that fight but no, Kubo decides he just wants to write a filler chapter with a bunch of characters no one cares about.

The only things that were good about this chapter were Zennosuke showing up, hitting Aizen and running and then the caption on the last page but I don't think anyone didn't see the whole Gin losing trust in Aizen thing coming. Is it just me or is everything becoming predictable? Ichigo will win at the last moment as always, he will fight Aizen and get his but kicked for a while until he finds the resolve to win and what not. Really, Kubo needs to mix things up. I think the best thing that can happen right now is if Gin turned on Aizen in the next chapter and was killed. That would excite me. Hell, even going back to Hueco Mundo for a chapter might be more interesting than the cell saga that we have now.

Anyway, Im ranting and so I should stop. Comments are always welcomed but stay on topic and dont attack other users

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