So I go from being the first one to post my weekly blog to the last one. Darn Cedar Point. Anyway, not much to say about this chapter. TZ was kind of cool with jabbing his hand into Ichigo and pulling out Hollow Ichigo. Also, Hollow Ichigo in the new hollow form is just amazing. I was so happy when I saw that. Then HI goes into his usual taunts.

Then we go over to Karakura where we have some more boring moments with Tatsuki and everyone, whatever. Then Aizen shows up and it gets better. Aizen actually seemed surprise they were able to exist around him. We dont see much surprise out of him these days.

As for the person who shows up at the end, I bet its Zennosuke. It has to be, or I want it to be. Thought it will probably turn out to be Tessai or someone, I just want it to be Zennosuke for some comic relief.

Comments are very much appreciated but keep on topic

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