So apparently, there are different spirits for shikai and bankai, who knew? When Tensa Zangetsu first took off his hood, my first thought was, is that Ulquiorra? Lia will be so happy. And then we find its not him and causes me to believe its some woman. I really thought it might be some random woman for a few seconds before it was revealed it is in fact a man and is Tensa Zangetsu. That had me laughing a bit.

I can't say I'm really happy about this chapter but I guess Im satisfied. We finally got it straight that Isshin does not have Zangetsu but seeing as they are so similar in name, Zangetsu and Engetsu, my guess is that they are related. Otherwise, this chapter had the action I was looking for but not really how I wanted it. I felt kind of rushed through the chapter, each frame felt only a millisecond apart from the last, though this may have just been me rushing through the chapter as I had heard Isshin's zanpakuto was named and I had to leave in a second for a guitar lesson. I really wanted to see Isshin's zanpakuto and was a little dissapointed to see we only got a name and not a release but it was still awesome.

As for next chapter, I think the most part will take place in Ichigo's inner world with Ichigo battling Tensa Zangetsu in order to try and learn the final getsuga. I got the feeling that it can not really be taught but only figured out. Im expecting something like Ichigo somehow just realizing how to perform it in a few chapters and using it to turn the tides and defeat Tensa Zangetsu. Who know's what is going to happen to Aizen and Gin, maybe an appearance by Zennosuke(spelling?). That would add some nice comic relief. That is what we have been missing lately. I have always loved the comic relief in bleach and there has not been much of that lately

And would you look at that, this post is almost as long as one of Lia's posts. Ive always wondered how she could ramble on for as long as she always does in her posts.

Anyway, as you know we are trying to crack down on the blogs so stay on topic and stay friendly

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