Finally, Comic relief. I have been waiting for it for months now. We finally get a small break from the seriousness and get to laugh a little. PwndUlquiorra called it, Don Kanonji. His spirit blasts have gotten much larger, I think he has been training. I was waiting for him to call out a release command and show us that he is a shinigami but I guess even Kubo knows that would be ridiculous. Aizen's face was also great, he was like "Who the hell is this idiot?" Then we have Tatskui who just flat out tells him to go away adding to the greatness of this chapter. Then we had Hollow Zangetsu vs. Ichigo starting up. Lia said Tensa looked nothing look Ulquiorra before but its undeniable now that he has mask with a horn on one side of his head. He is a light haired Ulquiorra now. I m actually not as excited for this fight as I thought I would be because I remembered that every time Ichigo goes and fights HI he gets crushed by HI who uses Zangetsu as a flail and Ichigo never seems to learn that he can do that as well. I predict Hollow Zangetsu will crush Ichigo who at the very last minute remembers everyone is counting on him and gains the strength to win. It happens every time.

Lastly, Rangiku. It's time for Gin to be redeemed. I have said it for a long time and I will keep saying it. Gin is not going to stick with Aizen until the end. He will die a good guy and I think Rangiku is the key to that. Rangiku will plead with Gin and as Aizen is about to kill her or something, Gin will betray him. Tinni will probably be mad that Gin is becoming good but I dont care. I am just upset that Aizen has to die.

Also, all members of the Grammar Corner please check there for some new procedures

As always comments are very much welcomed(Why does Lia's blog always get the most comments?)but keep on topic

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