First thing first, the title. Does this mean the long awaited end of the Deicide chapters? Are we finally moving on? Was Gin the god that was referred to in Deicide? To all of these, I am thinking yes, hopefully. That would be a great twist if deicide referred to Gin. It is the perfect time to move on to a new chapter title, though what does this mean about the mini arc? We all thought deicide was the mini arc we were promised but if Kubo moves on to a new chapter title, does this mean that it was not the mini arc and that the arrancar arc is still going on? Oh well, I don;t think anyone knows that.

As for the actual chapter, I don't think I liked it as much as many other people will like it. I never cared for Gingiku or whatever stupid name you want to affix to them(I'll leave that to Tinni). This chapter did help me understand the last one a little better. It seems there are two Hogyokus. One created by Aizen and one by Urahara. This explains how Aizen had it long before he got it before his betrayal. This is the part that I liked. As for all the Gin stuff, I was actually sad to see Gin go(though Aizen ripping his arm off was awesome). I felt Kubo could have done so much more with Gin, we finally had his true motives and then he's gone. Though seeing as we have returned to the rule of no good guys die, it would not shock me if Orihime healed Gin. Im trying to understand how Gin hid her reiasu though. Did anyone pick up on that?

What also saddens me is that we have now completely skipped what may have been one of the coolest fights ever in Hollow Zangetsu vs. Ichigo. This gives me a great idea for a filler though. I hope the anime realizes how much we want to see this fight and makes a couple filler episodes for it. Seeing Ichigo with Isshin over his arm was amazing and was that Tensa Zangetsu's chain wrapped around his arm? Is Ichigo finally going to use his sword how Hollow Ichigo always does? I hope so. It will finally give Ichigo something else to do other than endless Getsuga Tenshous(Ichigo: if it doesn't work the first five hundred times, its not going to work the next hundred times). Well, I think that is all I have to say on this chapter.

As always, comments are welcomed and very much appreciated, just keep them clean, on topic and no attacking other users.

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