Well, its happened, all you complainers got your wish, Shinigami are back and Ichigo no longer has a fullbring, only his Shinigami powers. Rukia is back and Isshin and Urahara have arrived and this arc is coming to an end. This saddens me but I am sure the majority of you are happy. So lets take a look at all that went down.

Kugo did attack Uryu and Tsukishima was the man who Uryu chased. Finally Kubo explains something and it was without retcon. I am very happy about this. Though seeing as Kugo seems to be the one in charge, I am starting to question some things like who really founded Xcution and what is with the other members. I still hold out hope that some of these characters will stick around for future arcs, possibly Yukio and Riruka.

Kugo has taken Ichigo's Fullbring, meaning that his Shinigami powers and FUllbring will not be merging. I was kind of excited to see what this was going to result in but alas, we shall get no such thing. Darn Kubo and his building to something epic and then not giving it to us.

Also, the big part of this chapter that everyone is raving about is Rukia is now a lieutenant. I swear if I have to see one more "Is rukia a lieutenant now?" question on answers I am going to punch Moncho in the face. Seriously, I got 8 separate ones of those today. 8! My problem with this though is how does Rukia go from unseated officer to lieutenant in 17 months? It doesn't make sense. We always knew she was seated officer level but has Byakuya finally decided that Rukia is allowed to take on dangerous missions? How did she shoot up the ranks that fast? I don't know. I have too many questions now.

In other news, I picked up Soul Resureccion yesterday and it is a great buy. The story mode is kind of short and skips around quite a bit but the mission mode can be very tough and even playing as the absolute beast that is Aizen, some of the higher numbered missions take quite a bit of skill. Ichigo is actually the most balanced character in the game with no real draw backs. I might do a review of the game tomorrow if I can find the time.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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