Moving sucks. I have just about no time right now as I am unpacking everything and assembling things. This is going to be a little short as I have to get back to doing all of that.

Pretty nice chapter. I did not really like that explanation as to why Yamamoto ordered everyone to put their reiatsu into the sword. Yamamoto is not the kind of guy to suddenly go against customs just because someone helped them. I would have liked it better if they all went against the law and did it anyway but you get what you get.

Of course the main part of this chapter was the reveal that Kugo was the first ever substitute. In some ways, I expected that. A lot of people guessed that Kugo may have been the substitute and I got a feeling that he may have been as well. I think it is brilliant. Obviously Kugo merged his Fullbring with his Shinigami powers, hence the form.

Now, this probably won't get done but I would really, really like to see a few chapters exploring Kugo's back story, how he came to be a substitute, what his shikai was, how he became evil and so on. Hopefully Kubo will give us something because he has built such a great character now with so much to him that it would be a shame to get nothing on him.

Anyway, back to moving now. As always comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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