I am short on time, so this will be a short post. For those of you who have not seen, the new chapter was out bright and early here.

Not much to say on this one really. Kind of a let down after last weeks great chapter. There was no real substance to this chapter. Nothing entertained me too much. Kugo's battle with Ichigo is not very interesting after what I saw he could do against Tsukishima. They are just crossing blades, no awesome fullbring powers or anything. Riruka and Orihime's conversation did not interest me much either. That conversation will probably come back into something but of right now, it does not do anything for me.

Now here is one thing I especially did not like about the chapter. Kubo is trying to make Kugo seem like a bad guy again. 1. This is predictable, 2. I DON'T WANT KUGO TO BE A BAD GUY :(. Seriously though. People have been saying they don't trust Kugo for months now and what do we get in this chapter? Ichigo saying that he doesn't trust Kugo fully. I hate when things are predictable like that. And I think i'm ranting right now. Anyway, quick summary so you can all ignore my rant, there is nothing too impressive going on with Ichigo and Kugo's, Orihime and Riruka's conversation , while probably meaningful in some way was not very interesting and Kugo is being made to be the bad guy again

As always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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