Alright, I have lost a little respect for Rose in this chapter. He plays a Flying V? What are we, in the 80s or something? Does he play in a hair metal band too? Come on Rose, have some respect for yourself, get an SG. Though I did like Rose in this chapter, you could see his determination. And going off of what was said in this chapter, I think Kira might be alive, for now at least.

But seriously, what is with these Quincy names? NaNaNa? Buzzbee? Was Kubo drunk when he wrote this chapter? Really, onomatopoeia names are so... Thought this As person has an interesting ability. It looks as though these Quincy have developed highly advanced new ways to manipulate reishi even beyond what we have seen of Kirge. Things are going to get interesting now that the captains have stepped in. Seeing how easily Kira was taken out of the fight, it seems the Stern Ritter are at the very least Captain level.

Considering what we have seen of the Vandenreich's abilities, it looks like we are going to get to see some Bankais soon. My guess is that we will see at the very least Rose's bankai. And maybe, just maybe, we will either get to see Ennetsu Jigoku actually finish or Yamamoto's Bankai. Considering that Chojiro is dead and the entire Soul Society is in danger, I can see Yamamoto going all out.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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