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On to the chapter. Not bad. I was expecting another chapter like two weeks ago that was mostly just explanation but I rather enjoyed this one. Yuzu and Karin start the chapter. Yuzu is watching our good old friend Don Kanonji. Yuzu is worried about something, probably Ichigo and Karin is telling her to go to bed. She says she has things to do and will wait for Ichigo. Ichigo walks in and tells the two to go to bed. Smiles come across their faces as they look at Ichigo, noticing he is no longer depressed. We move to Xcution's lair and we get a small scene of Ichigo and Kugo. Ichigo asks why he was called here again and Kugo mocks him. Ichigo asks if Kugo is going to help him get his powers back and if they will be training in a large area. This prompted me to wonder if they had a secret underground training facility like every other spiritually aware group in Karakura. Lucky for us they don't. Riruka comes in angry as usual. Ichigo questions why she is always late and she just gets angry again. She says it is because of the work she does. Then the little kid, revealed to be named Yukio tells her to stop kicking in doors because he can see her panties every time. What does Riruka do? Oh that's right she just gets angry and yells. Another member, Jackie tries to restrain her but can you guess what Riruka does next? Yep, she gets angry and yells some more. Then she sees Ichigo and yells some more. Then we get a new side to her. It seems she is capable of expressing more than anger and smiles. She reveals her Fullbring ability of removing and inserting things from things she finds cute or awesome. She then sends Ichigo into the Doll House to have him fight a now giant teddy bear, telling him to use Fullbring.

Pretty good chapter. I liked the opening with Kanonji. The guy always cracks me up with how stupid he is. I also loved the title. Berry jokes never get old. I of course still strongly dislike Riruka. She has an alright ability but this is the very first time she has ever displayed any emotion aside from anger. Kugo however is moving up the ranks of my favorite characters. I think he does quite well at adding in some comic relief and I also like the mystery shrouding him. I'd love to see what he can do in battle. My question now is has Sado already given his powers to Ichigo? Thats what the end seems to imply. I guess we will have to wait and see.

So as always. comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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