Ay, it seems we are back to the dull chapters after the great chapter we had last time. I am inclined to write very little this week as there was nothing very exciting or anything this week.

Riruka starts the chapter being her usual self that I still do not like. At least we get Kugo's deadpan face again here, highlight of the chapter in my book. Yukio wants to say something but Kugo doesn't want him to but Yukio goes ahead anyway. I really don't know what to make of Yukio so far, he seems like he is thrown in there for comedic relief often but other than that so far he seems like a pointless character. Ichigo is training against Jackie and we see her Fullbring, Dirty Boots, a.k.a worst technique name so far. Seriously, Dirty Boots? That is worse than Dollhouse in my opinion. Then we have Ichigo asking if there are Fullbrings you wear on your body and Jackie says of course. Its not like he has seen Sado change his arms or anything. I don't know what to say about Jackie's fullbring. There was no indication of what it does other than that she is suddenly very fast. Who knows what is going on there. Scene switch to Orihime and Sado and Orihime tells Sado what happened with Tsukishima and Sushigawara. I take back my previous names and say that Sushigawara shall be his refer to name from now on. Sado says Tsukishima is likely very dangerous. Tsukishima and Sushigawara are talking and Tsukishima says he doesn't need Sushigawara. He then plots who to go after next and bla bla bla.

Okay, not to harp on Kubo or anything but this arc had so much promise with its mysterious first few chapters and the slow pace was nice at first but now it has been months and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Seriously, nothing. I think Kubo is in a bit of a rut after the end of the Arrancar arc. There is no indication of where this arc is going, no foreshadowing, nothing. The writer in me is screaming. I disagreed with the people early on who were saying pick up the pace but now I have to agree. This chapter is a perfect example of what is wrong with this arc so far. A lot of things happen, but none of them are all that important or seem to be leading anywhere. I know Kubo writes on the fly but I am beginning to wonder if he really has a plan for where he is going with this arc.

Alright, that is my little venting of frustration. I am done now. Anyway, chapter was not so great. As always, I am hoping for a better one next time.

As always, comments are very much appreciated, just keep them clean.

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