Its that time of the week again and all I have to say is... meh

This chapter was pretty average in every way. I did enjoy seeing Ayon beat the crap out of Kirge for a little but the great scenes of that were interrupted by stupid Shino and Ryunosuke. I am seriously hoping these two just die in combat or something because they are probably the least interesting characters to be introduced in the series thus far. Even Zennosuke is a better character.

The only real mildly interesting part of this chapter was this sixth seat of the thirteenth division WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE AIZEN. I mean come on, he is original Aizen with white hair. He even seems to have the same wise caring man personality as the fake/original Aizen. And then Kirge had to go an ruin all the fun by being the party pooper I knew he would be and just shrug off the damage he took as if it were nothing.

Kirge is starting to get annoying. I get it, he's strong but he won't shut up about how amazing he is. Im surprised Ichigo has not gone bankai yet though. Considering Ichigo can't win without using Bankai, you would think he would have done so immediately. But hey, maybe we are seeing a different side to Ichigo, one that realizes that Bankai is not meant to be spammed but rather a last resort. Who knows

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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