This is going to be short because I am tired and have work to do and this chapter wasn't all that great.

So Ivan is a Quincy. I know the hate is going to start pouring in about how we declared him an Arrancar last chapter but let me just say this. It was obvious that Kubo wanted us to think he was an Arrancar. Even Ichigo thought he was an Arrancar. So no, we did not screw up, we made the logical decision. And to those saying he is some kind of Quincy Arrancar hybrid, STOP. We don't speculate around here. He is a Quincy unless stated otherwise now.

As for the chapter... meh. Nothing all that exciting. Someone is leading the citizens of Rukongai away. Not sure what is happening but it likely has to do with those holes that are tearing open. Then the new enemy has revealed themselves and declared war on The Gotei 13. Kind of abrupt but okay. We'll see where this all leads. Oh and Yumichika has a new look that is more effeminate than ever. When I saw it, I seriously thought it was some new female character. Thats all for now

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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