It's that time of the week again and I am actually on time this week (hit or miss by a few hours). Anyway, chapter time.

Now, this was a much different chapter than what we have been getting. Instead of showing everyone, we only had four characters and got to see what has become of two in the 17 months. It was a nice change of pace and it explored the two remaining fights we did not see last time.

So we have Ikkaku vs Sushigawara (that's right, I am still calling him Sushigawara). So Sushigawara is knocking over trees with his jackpot knuckle before he hits Ikkaku's shoulder and dislocates it and in probably the most disgusting move to ever happen in Bleach, Ikkaku relocates it with just his muscles. Ikkaku is now a freak and his bulging arms disgust me. Seriously, the dude is a creep now.

Then we have Jackie vs. Renji. Jackie can now spill oil all over herself to power herself up, whether or not Kubo had a dirty mind during this is unknown. Also, is anyone other than me not surprised that Hisagi had a bike? Renji then shows off that he too has gained an unbelievable amount of strength over the 17 months. Now, the part here that interests me is that he said he was training to beat Aizen. Of course the Aizen fan in me wants to take this as some sign that something is up with Aizen. So we'll see there. I really really hope something is up with Aizen

What I also want to know is if everyone has their limiters on. Procedure is that they would all have limiters on aside from Ikkaku but seeing as they were sent there to kill these Fullbringers, they may not. Should be interesting. Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome just keep them clean.

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