As I have gotten such a good response about these I figure I will try and do a blog weekly.

This chapter I am a little disappointed with. Though I did it hilarious that Isshin headbutted Ichigo and they kept their comedic relationship going, I was hoping for a little explanation. Isshin ruining the moment was also quite hilarious. It seems Isshin even has a comedic way of fighting. Did you see his faces whenever he went to make a move? Also, the middle finger thing is classic. I did not get the sense that Isshin and Aizen knew each other in this one. Aizen seemed quite cold to Isshin like he knew of him but the two had never met. Odd, I actually cannot make a call on this one.

Here is how I see things going in the upcoming chapters. With Gin releasing bankai, I think Ichigo will almost certainly put on his mask quickly. If Gin is as powerful as we have all thought, he is going to get overwhelmed after a little. Isshin will be fighting Aizen and doing a pretty good job of beating him up a bit. Gin will make a move that could possibly kill Ichigo but Isshin flashes in and stops him. Afterward, Ichigo recovers and finds the resolve to win by something Isshin says to him. I think this battle is where Ichigo begins to be able to control his power.

This chapter has given me one thing though, I will definitely be voting for the middle finger flick for next months featured picture.

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