Well Kubo is just enjoying pissing his story away now I see. I am not even going to get much into exactly what happened in the chapter because like most of the chapters lately, only one thing actually happened.

So Masaki was a Quincy. Good job Kubo, you just retconned your story. Masaki has always been referred to as a Human. Every instance of mentioning her has said she was Human, nothing more. Think of this, if she was a Quincy, why did she not see Grand Fisher? If she did, why charge at Ichigo to save him rather than pulling out her bow and killing the Hollow? Wouldn't that have been easier than throwing her life away? The answer is obviously that Kubo just wanted to make her a Quincy now so he could give Ichigo Quincy powers.

It really seems like every ridiculous theory anyone has ever come up with is being used now. First the old Ichigo will get Quincy powers theory, now the Masaki is a Quincy theory. It is just ridiculous. But hey, if Kubo likes theories, maybe he will use my theory of Aizen escaping and slaughtering everyone =P

Thats it for this week. As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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