Now this is what I want from a chapter So much going on and something actually happens.

So this is Chojiro's Bankai huh? Pillars of lightning that can be used to fry an opponent. Kind of befitting of the right hand of Yamamoto. I wish we would have gotten Choiro using it in the flashback to see what its really capable of doing, but eh, as long as we got to see it, Im fine with it.

Seeing Yamamoto sit there and be fried by Chojiro's Bankai made me wonder if Kubo was really going to take Yamamoto out of the fight without him even moving and hearing Hisagi say he was unconscious made matters worse. But leave it to Yamamoto to come back in a big way. The searing off of Berci's flesh was a rather nice effect. Though with annoying as Kirge was, standing up again after every attack, the Stern Ritter who have died so far seem to be dropping fairly quickly. While I don't find it surprising Yamamoto killed one so easily, I am surprised at how easy it was for Kenpachi. We have yet to see a real fight so far. Yamamoto stood there and took Berci's attacks before finishing him in one blow, Kenpachi killed his three off screen, Byakuya went down after barely moving and Kirge and Ichigo's fight was largely not seen. I want to see some actual fighting from both sides.

Though that brings me to my other point, its been over a month since Kirge was attacked. When is Kubo going to get back to that? He usually never stays on one scene from start to finish as he has been doing. Very un kubo like.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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