I officially give my made up word that I use all the time to this chapter. Deicide 5 was pure awesomeness. My only complaint is Aizen's transformation. it looks like he just threw a hood on and went back into the fight. Other than that, my three favorite characters battling was a joy to see. Isshin and Urahara, the comic relief team. They are hilarious even when things get serious and they are effective as well. Then Yoruichi comes in and pounds the hell out of Aizen and I was like "bout damn time she showed up". The one positive about Aizen's transformation was the sword in the arm. I am a sucker for sword arms and am guilty of making characters in my stories have them occasionally. There is something just awesome about your arm being a sword to me. Anyway, I think we will be seeing Urahara's bankai soon. He seemed ready to use it as Yoruichi showed up. I am thinking that Yoruichi's armored legs may be her shikai. Any thoughts?

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