If you have read anything I have said around this site in the past few months you will know that I have been a big supporter of Aizen. I have defended his zanpaktou and his intellect. I have claimed that he was not overpowered and that he was the perfect villain for the series. However, with this latest chapter, I must digress. First there is the fact that he walked away from Yammamoto's hado attack with barely a scratch. That attack was gigantic and hit Aizen perfectly. Then there was the whole hogyokou in his chest. What is that about? How could it be kept squarely in his chest. The last time it was implanted in someone they had no idea it was there and offered no beneficial effects whatsoever. That was just stupid. Then my biggest problem came when he said that Ichigo played right into his hand, that he knew all of the things Ichigo went through would happen and he had planned it to be so. This is IMPOSSIBLE. I can understand that he is near impossible to defeat in combat due to the illusionary properties of his zanpaktou. I can believe that he is as strong as Yammamoto. I can even believe that he is that insanely smart but I cannot believe that he setup Ichigo throughout his entire journey or that he knew all of this would happen. That is just stupid and degrades this entire series. Aizen just dropped low in my favorite characters list.--Godisme 00:50, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

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