Sorry for not getting this out last night. My candidate won and so I was at his victory party until about 3 in the morning.

Anyway, this chapter was so-so to me. The silhouettes in the beginning were kind of cool, Then we have Isshin being Isshin which always makes my day. I have to say that the funniest part to me was Ichigo taking offers from students for his services. That just made me crack up and I was in class reading this on my cell phone so people started looking at me. I must say I really like everyone's new looks. I like Tatsuki's more than I did last chapter and Ishida and Orihime look great.

I really do not have much to say on this chapter though. It was very mundane and not what I was hoping for. The first chapter of this arc was very mysterious with the representative and his badge but this chapter had nothing that really grabbed me. Had it not been for the sidetext, I would not even have thought anything of the shadow at the end.

This arc got my hopes up but if it is going to be an entire arc of just Ichigo being normal and everyone else being the same, my interest is going to severely lag. Normal every day life is not what I love about Bleach and I hope Kubo knows this. The shadow will most likely turn out to be Sado.

Until next week, comment until your heart is content but keep it clean.

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