I really liked this chapter and it always makes me happy when the chapter comes out ridiculously early. We are finally going somewhere in this arc. We start with Orihime being all worried about Ichigo and Ishida tells her he was just taken by his boss. Orihime is slightly relieved and heads off to work. Ishida reveals that he has been feeling something strange about Ichigo for a little now, Reiatsu. I was not expecting this so soon but it seems Ichigo's power may be slowly coming back. Then we go to Unagiya's shop and the guy is there eating ramen. He really needs a name because its too confusing calling him the guy. We go to Jinta and Ururu who are all grown up now. Is it me or does this time skip seem like alot more than 18 months? Last we saw them, they were each a foot shorter and looked like little kids. Now they have grown and are like teenagers now. I don't know. Anyway then we go back to the guy and he reveals he wants a background check done on Isshin and Karin walks into the Urahara shop. Ichigo really doesn't know anything about his family it seems. I am very happy that we are going to find out a little more about Isshin now.

I know this guy had a substitute badge but part of me is thinking the lost substitute may be Isshin. It would be a nice turn of events and go along with Kubo's mirroring of the lives of Ichigo and Isshin. Now my question is about Karin. What could she be doing in the Urahara shop? My mind is drawing a blank here. I really can't think of anything good. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait for the next chapter. Oh and next week we get a chapter and a hell chapter one shot with a color spread! Next week will be so amazing.

As always comments are greatly greatly appreciated just keep them clean.

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