I CALLED IT. I told you guys weeks ago that Urahara would show up soon and none of you believed me. Everyone said Urahara would sit this one out or show up once everyone else was defeated. Anyway, I don't want to continue to gloat.

The Hogyoku's abilities do not surprise me really. I have always thought that it controlled reality to an extent and it seems I was on the right track. What I really liked was that in this mostly serious chapter, they had Ichigo and Isshin provide a bit of comic relief. That is why I love Bleach. No matter how serious it gets, there will always be some fun thrown in there.

Gin was great as well. The grin on his face grew bigger and it looked like he was having quite a bit of fun beating on Ichigo. He was having fun when he apologized to Aizen too. Though there was not much action in this chapter, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

What did you guys think?

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