Kubo is really loving his kanji chapter names. It seems we are really going to stick this fight out till the end so expect Bleach to end within a few weeks. Either that or the Vandenreich are not the main enemy of this arc.

So my biggest problem here is that Kubo completely threw away sun mythology in this chapter and gave Zanka no Tachi a south ability. South is not a direction of the sun. East and West should be the only directional abilities of Zanka no Tachi since it was said to hold the power of the sun. One good thing that came out of this chapter was Juhabach using Quincy abilities. Maybe some people will finally accept now that he is a Quincy. I don't know how the rumor got started that he was a Shinigami but its a pretty ridiculous concept.

I am curious as to what this Church Hymm ability does. It was supposed to bring instant death to Yamamoto or something but he just casually walked through it. Juhabach said it was the ultimate defense or something so it looks like he has no means of winning anymore. So yeah, Juhabach is likely dead next chapter then a few weeks of closing and then Bleach is done.

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