Come on Kubo, stop it with the Kanji names! Kanji names = bad for my bot as the program is meant for English sites.

Anyway, not much to this chapter. Yamamoto revived the dead subordinates of Juhabach to make him go crazy and then uses his north ability which I have no idea what it does other than partially cut through people. But whatever, I can't wait to see his Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest abilities. I would have liked the sword better if they kept with the Sun motif.

So it looks like Juhabach is defeated but nay, he is not the real Juhabach. What a stupid turn of events imo. Whoever this guy is, after that show, he is clearly not the leader of the Vandenreich. He made two attacks, neither proved effective and then killed himself by charging at Yamamoto. Pretty pathetically weak. I suppose this guy not being Juhabach was needed in order to justify how he went down easier than just about anyone else.

And yay! Finally we have an explanation as to why the Vandenreich cannot steal Ichigo or Yamamoto's Bankai and it wasn't one of the stupid theories floating around like it was because of Ichigo's Hollow (which he clearly does not have anymore) or it was because of Ichigo's fullbring or they can't steal compression types. Nope, they simply cannot steal what they don't have information on. So finally a little explanation on Kubo's part.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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