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  • Godisme

    Apologies if there are any grave misspellings in here. I am not on my own laptop and this keyboard is horrendous.

    Anyway, I am really liking what Kubo is doing here. For a while, I feared we would be getting a very short in story explanation of Isshin's past. Now it seems like we will be getting at least another 2-3 chapters on it. So first off, Isshin is hilarious as always. Even when being serious, he is using jokes.

    And here is where this little sub arc shines for me, we finally know why Isshin and Ryuken know each other. It wasn't something that necessarily needed to be covered, but the fact that it was is much better. So now we know that Ryuken was to marry Masaki. Ryuken knows Isshin because he is the man that married the woman he was …

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  • Godisme

    And in a move that absolutely everyone saw coming, Isshin is the former 10th division captain and is a Shiba, so I will at this point stop even pretending that he is not the uncle Kukaku was talking about. But what was interesting was to see that Rangiku was his lieutenant and that Hitsugaya was the 3rd seat. I was not expecting that. Something was odd to me about Isshin in this chapter though, he didn't feel like Isshin personality wise. Maybe its just that he changed after 20 years, but Isshin is always a very happy go lucky kind of guy but can be very serious at times. I didn't really see that in him here. He seemed more like a kind of lazy pervert. He wasn't as eccentric as he usually is. Hopefully the next couple chapters will have m…

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  • Godisme

    So after I introduced the Bleach Wiki:Arena, I came to realize that not many people understand wiki markup and so this is my guide to understanding what wiki markup is and how to use it. This will be constantly updated as I have more time to work on it and if you have any questions on how to do something, leave it in the comments and I will add it in.

    So when I say wiki markup, you are likely not really sure what I mean. Wiki markup is the code that wikis run on. When certain characters are entered into a wiki, the wiki will automatically format it into something special. So if you enter

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  • Godisme

    Everything But The Rain

    February 27, 2013 by Godisme

    I need to keep this short as I have to go but this is exactly the chapter we needed at this point. Ikumi was a great character from last arc so I was happy to see her back. Isshin walking in in Shinigami form with her thinking no one was there was a great gag. Everything finally slowed down and we are finally going to get the history that everyone has been begging for for about 400 chapters at this point. We will finally know what is going on with Isshin.

    And in a move that absolutely everyone saw coming, Isshin was a former captain and Masaki was a quincy. Alright, expected. But interesting to note is that Masaki's last name is Kurosaki and Isshin took her name. Which, lets face it at this point, is because Isshin's last name is Shiba. Im …

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  • Godisme

    Eliminate From Heaven

    February 20, 2013 by Godisme

    This will be rather short as 5 pages of Unohana slowly falling to the ground as she dies is not exactly much to write about. So Unohana is actually dead now and so once again the Gotei 13 is down another captain. I don't know why Kubo wanted to kill her so badly but this whole fight has been nothing but a disappointment. You can tell Kubo didn't really care about Unohana when he named her Bankai the same thing as her Shikai and gave us about 3 frames of what it could do with no explanation before killing her. But that is over now and Kenpachi has finally learned the name of his Zanpakuto, something I figured he would get rather soon. At least Kiganjo finally appeared in a chapter. Oh well.

    As for Ichigo and Renji.... I'm still not intereste…

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