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  • God of nothing

    What are Shinigami?

    September 22, 2013 by God of nothing

    Are they souls? If yes, how come they can mate? And what about the number of children and families in seiritei? It can't be that so many children die young. And soul shoudn't grow up, yet we saw byakuya as a kid. What are Shinigami

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  • God of nothing

    hey. What i wanna talk about is (as the title says), the matchups for the thousand year blood war arc. Obiously, ichigo is going to be matched against Yhwach. But what will be the other matchups for the other villians? I hope and belive that Isshin wil be matched against Haschwalth, or even better, Isshin and Ryuken vs Haschwalth. Sado and Inoue will be matched against Ishida. What is your opinion?

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  • God of nothing

    Shiba clan logic

    April 28, 2013 by God of nothing

    hello people. recently it was revealed that this guy is a member of the shiba clan. it was stated that the shiba clan lost its power as one of the now 4 noble clans because of the death of kaien shiba, the head of the familly.

    ok, NOW for the topic. i've been thinking that its weird that the death of kaien, who was a lit. rank shinigami, made the familly crumble, while isshin quiting as a shinigami did not effect it at all. before you start with your "isshin was a branch", let me remind you that a noble who is able to use bankai appears once in a generation, so he should have at least as much importance, plus kaien was killed by a hollow (i still cant belive that this dude is the same rank as this guy and this badass woman). from all this, …

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