So yesterday, I found out that one of my favorite anime is going to end next week (the anime is Beelzebub, for those of you who are interested) and while I thought about it, I remembered that Beelzebub and Bleach are produced by the same company, Studio Pierrot. Coincidentally, both series are stated to have their anime adaptions "end" later this month (I'm still doubting/denying about Beelzebub's anime, but the future for Bleach is currently pending). That's when I thought more about it...

A number of anime are based on their original manga adaptions, including Bleach itself. Based on anime that I've watched previously and currently, the ones based on manga usually end the original anime and then restart with another series (i.e. Inuyasha developed into Inuyasha: The Final Act) that often detail a latter half of the manga. My guess, even if the current Bleach anime was to end, they'll probably just restart the series later on.

I know that a lot of people have had similar, or even exact, opinions about the Bleach anime, so here's one of those thoughts regarding it. Hope you enjoyed reading this... I guess.