Hey Guys, never posted a blog before and i thought it was about time i did. What i really want to discuss is my thoughts on the Aizen debate going on right now about how ridiculous he has apparently become. Also i will state a few variables that i think will occur in the upcoming story ( or at least things i hope to see).

So, theres been a ton of criticism thrown at Kubo for his decision to have Aizen as a grand planner of ichigo's life, with many saying Kubo has made the story unbelievable or even made Aizen "over-powered"(I'll get back to my disdain for this word later). So, is it really so hard to accept that Aizen has planned all of this out.... i mean he has been shown to be incredibly intelligent, he managed to manipulate the entire Soul Society including Yamamoto into believing he was dead and he managed to hollowfy 3 captains without any suspicion falling on Aizen himself, not to mention while doing this he outfoxed the genius that is Kisuke Urahara. To state that Aizen having planned Ichigos key moments is ridiculously unbelievable is to show a fundamental misunderstanding of the chracter Kubo has created, and even at that Kubo still has much of the story to unwrap and its likely he will show just how possible it was for Aizen to pull this off. I personally saw this plot twist comming as i often thought of how it seemed that, despite being portrayed as the main enemies of the show, Aizen and Ichigo had only ever met once and didnt seem to really have any inter-connection in the show..... so i thought that Kubo might take this direction with Ichigo turning out to be very important to Aizen. I for one think its a great direction, now Ichigo knows that Aizen has been intentionally messing with his life, (perhaps even orchestrating the murder of his mother), Ichigo finally has a powerful reason to hate Aizen personally and intensively. As ive said before i hate when the word "over-powered" is used as a derogatory term on Aizen and in extension on Kubo. Aizen is the main villain in a show full of exceptionally powerful heroes.... he pretty much has to be unconceivably powerful in order to make it believable that he could defeat and outwit all the captains/vice captains/vizards in the Soul Society pretty much by himself. Also i personally enjoy the fact that right now he seems to be so powerful, it infers that this show will go on further, that ichigo has new heights yet to be achieved, that the captains have more powers to show and that potentially there are other powerful factions out there like the Vasto Lorde and the Zero Squad who will be shown to help counter-balance Aizen's power.

Now that ive got that out of the way i'd like to mention some variables in this story yet to be explored, ones which i hope happen. Firstly i would love to see Unohana in action... i know this is unlikely, but we have seen every other captain fight including the Captain Commander yet Kubo has chosen to leave Unohana till last, to me this infers that she has a great power to be revealed. I know some just state that Unohana doesn't fight as she is just a healer but due to her battle stats i highly doubt this. Secondly i think everyone is with me when i say i want to see Gin get involved, which i think he will do now with the arrival of Isshin. I think its weird how Aizen has been fighting before Gin as usually its the subordinates who fight first in most manga's so i wonder if this means something, perhaps alluding to Gin's true strength. Also i hope to see Ukitake back in action soon, fighting with Kyoraku as they are supposedly at their peak when fighting together. Finally im guessing that Yorouichi and Urahara will get involved at some point, possibly coming in with a plan or a device to force Aizen into retreat.

Anyway i understand people may not agree with my points but any and all criticism is welcome as long as its constructive. Thank you for reading GinIchimaru 14:06, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

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