Well this is basically a blog for my own benefit, i think its clear that Gin Ichimaru is one of my favourite Bleach character, infact he's one of my favourite fictional characters ever. Due to this i have always expected Gin to be pretty special and to have a key role in Bleach. However as much as i like to believe that, recent events have forced me to take off the rose-tinted glasses and look at Gin from a different perspective.

Firstly lets look at the few skirmishes Gin has been involved in, namely the first encounter with Ichigo, the brief fight with Hitsugaya and the fight against hollows when defending Hisagi. Now i will say before i begin that i have always viewed the fact that Gin's not been in many fights to be a good thing, to me it inferred that he has a special hidden power that he has never felt the need to use, not even when fighting Hitsugaya. However as i said im taking off the rose-tinted glasses this time, During his first encounter with ichigo and his defence of Hisagi we got to see shinso in action and it is safe to say that it looked awesome, even the release sounded brilliant (shoot to kill etc.) , i think this set up Gin as a powerful looking character just due to the sound and look of his zanpakuto. When fighting with Hitsugaya, i always felt that he was holding back alot, almost as if he wasnt even trying... i genuinely believe he is so powerful that he could mess around with Hitsugaya and play him off his defence of Momo, however perhaps i have been mislead by Gin's consistently calm persona.

There is the next point, Gin's persona, the reason why so many people love him as a character, that constant grin that seems to simultaniously show Gin's confidence yet at the same time show his cruelty. It is this consistent calm and smile that has made me think that Gin has not really tried to fight properly yet.... but then maybe thats me, maybe ive inferred to much from this character, i mean logicially it makes sense that if Gin had needed to fight at his max then he wouldnt be so calm, but perhaps the charater Kubo has created is just like that... calm and cheery even when under intense pressure.

Also i have always believed that Gin's backstory and motives for joining Aizen would be revealed and would finally illuminate us onto the dynamic of their relationship. Ive always believed that the simple fact that Gin is Aizens number 2 infers that Gin has immense power to be displayed, yet perhaps Gin is just another victim of Aizen's manipulation.... maybe threatening Rangiku? who knows.

In his current fight with Ichigo i think its fair too say the majority have been let down. True some have reasoned it out that Gins bankai is logical and that Ichigo deserves to not get beaten up for once ( which is true, but why Gin?, why couldnt he have fought on even terms with a less exciting character such as one of the espada?). I personally was abit dissapointed at first, though i do understand that it is a logical bankai, but im also dissapointed with the fight so far.. i just really wanted to see Gin let rip and show us all his skills, but perhaps he never has had anything to rip. Perhaps Gin has just never been that exceptionally powerful.

This has all mainly come about due to my wondering on what Kubo said about Gin... that he was surprised at Gins popularity since he was meant to be offputing- doesnt give you much hope when the creator doesnt see Gin as someone who was meant to be fussed over. But then again Kubo could simply be refering to the fact that he wanted Gin to be despised instead of loved.

Personally, no matter what the outcome i will still love the character of Gin Ichimaru. I still believe that Gin is yet to unleash his full power both in fighting technique and in Bankai, it just makes sense and it would fit in with the characters progress so far in the story. I dont believe he is a throwaway character like Tosen was, his relationship with Aizen is built on something more solid i feel. Something tells me Gin is still trying to serve a purpose, i mentioned before that seeing as Ichigo is so important to Aizen, realistically Gin must not be allowed to kill him and severely cripple him. Perhaps Gin has been tricking and toying with Ichigo all along.

Anyway i just wanted to write that down, any comments are welcome..... but please nobody say Ichigo deserves to fight on par with Gin, as i may have to kill a kitten if you do. Bye-Bye

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