im gonna keep this short and sweet.
1) Gin- im glad that his bankai is more complex than originally thought, however i do still believe he has more to show.... i mean he is so calm, he doesnt seem to be all that bothered that Ichigo deduced the strength of his bankai so quickly.

2) Aizen vs Isshin- what the hell has happened here!!!!, i really hope there has been a translation error, but on mangastream it states that Isshin asks Aizen if he is already at his limit and Aizen admits he is?...........sorry what? Aizen the god-like figure who has almost effortlessly cut down the Gotei 13 has been pushed to his limit? Aizen who has apparently not used his shikai abilities on isshin or even revealed his bankai is at his limit? more importantly if this is true... we didnt even get to see the fight that pushed him to his limit???
Hmm, as i say i hope this is a translation error, but even if it isnt, its possible that Aizen's power hasn't been at its max due to him attempting to merge with the hogyoku during these fights.
Ohwell any comments to enlighten me on possible theories or perhaps anything i have forgotten about would be helpful. thanks.

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