Just a quick blog here.

After reading through the past few chapters of the manga, i was drawn into the section where Aizen tells ichigo about how he planned the key momentsin his life, when Ichigo pressures Aizen about how he had previously stated he didn't know where Rukia was and so must be lying, Aizen responded by explaining that he lied before. What really interesting is how important this dialogue is made out to be, it seems as if Kubo is hinting at something by showing that Aizen is a liar... up til this point we had all believed him in what he says, i mean its been made clear that he has no need to lie since he is all-powerful. However with this it seems that Aizen may onl have been putting on a show... for me at least this is a key piece of dialogue and for me it infers that a major twist is on the horizon, perhaps Aizen has been lying about something very important all along. However i may just be reading too much into this, anyway i'd love to hear what you guys think!

Thanks for reading, Bye-Bye

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