I was simply going to leave a comment about this weeks chapter on Godisme or Lia Schiffer's blog as i usually do, however when writing it out i found it was far to large to be a comment so ive decided to write this blog.

Firstly, a quick note on the chapter itself:

I liked this chapter, but in alot of ways it seemed choppy. Scenes seemed thrown together rather than a more progressive flow. However, I understand that the next couple of chapters may be like this as Kubo looks to answer fan questions on the status's of characters etc. Im extremely happy that Yammy got Kensei'd, god knows it would've been a waste of a chapter if we had to watch the whole fight. The part with Ichigo choking in the end has left things abit up in the air concerning theories and I dont really feel the need to rehash some of those theories on this blog. I will say that I agree with Lia that Kubo shouldve had a few chapters of peace to counter the past load of chapters with constant action.

Ichigo's explantation of Aizen:

  • As others have said, I' m not sure how far to trust it.
  • Ichigo states that he felt Aizen's loneliness from touching his sword and from that adapted his theory of Aizen actually wanting to just be regular Shinigami without his massive power.
  • However we must not forget that Ichigo has done something similar to this before and only managed to partially gleam information. When Ichigo fought Gin he stated that he could feel the hearts of other in their sword, yet from Gin he felt nothing. It turns out that perhaps Gin was hiding his heart in someway , so as not to give away his true intentions.
  • So in a sense Ichigo managed to gleam information on Gin from clashing swords but this information was confused and misinterpreted, who is to say that the same does not go for his interpretation of Aizen's 'heart'
  • Aside from this I also want to raise a point about the logic of having Aizen evolve so far in the first place if all he truly wanted was to be regular. The hogyoku continually evolved Aizen to a higher power, surely if his deepest desire was infact to be a regular Shinigami then he would never have even began evolving in the first place when he implanted the hogyoku in himself. So logically, Ichigo's explaination doesnt seem to fit.

Questions I have now that Deicide is over:

  • Why did Aizen seem to want Ichigo to grow and get stronger throughout the whole series? I mean there was actually no point in it, there were a couple of theories that Ichigo was going to be corrupted by Aizen or the hogyoku, or Aizen needed Ichigo's immense reiatsu for something. However it turns out none of that was true and so I'm left wondering what exactly was the point. Aizen had watched Ichigo since birth, controlled key moments in his life all for nothing? Lets bare in mind Aizen was planning all this out back when he was the calm, level-headed intelligent Aizen we all loved, so im sure he wouldve had an endgame; yet all that happened was Aizen was completely shocked by Ichigo's massive growth in power? For someone who apparently knew everything else about Ichigo and his heritage he failed to maybe put together an idea of how Ichigo would progress? I'm not buying it. The only real possible explaination we have been left with is that Aizen was overcome by his arrogance and evil, causing him to seek a battle with Ichigo who could potentially become stronger than him. If this turns out to be the case then what a dissapointment. I really hope that Aizen isn't gone so that in the future he can come back and allow us to see why he wanted Ichigo to progress.
  • Forgive me here for being abit Fanish, but this point is legitimate I think. Now i know the official status on this wikia is that Gin is dead and I can deal with that, however one of the key reasons people supported the idea of Gin being dead was that his character had no purpose now. However with the climax of Deicide there is a possible purpose Gin could serve, if Aizen ever escapes or is released would it not make sense that the Gotei 13 would turn to Aizens former 2nd in commande ro find out info on where Aizen could be or what he is planning. I know this is a longshot and im not saying it has a high chance of happening, but at least now there is a vague possible reason for Gin's continued input in the show.

I would love comments that give insight into my questions and/or ask their own questions now that Deicide is over. To anyone who reads this thank you for taking the time.

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