OMG, OMG, OMG! I'd read the spoiler but nothing prepared me for the pure awesome sandwich which was this chapter... it more than makes up for the past few terrible chapters for me. Mainly Gin just rocked the house, i mean sure we guessed that he would rebel against Aizen, and sure there will be people asking why now and not earlier in the story.... but i couldnt care about that right now, Gin has shown himself to be completely amazing once again. Also his Bankai, i knew he was hiding something, that slippery little snake (see what i did there), but wow, its so cool now and so dangerous. The way Gin explained hs actions suited him so perfectly too, he didnt attack Aizen all this time, as it humoured him to know he was the only one in the Gotei 13 that could kill him. I know that Aizen wont be dispatched that easily and that Gin may get a beating soon, but hopeful now hes not hiding his intentions, we may get a more loose character.

GOD I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!! surely the featured picture and quote this month will come from this chapter! C'mon guys!

comment are most welcome! WOOO GIN!

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