Well i have to admit i was rather worried about this chapter.. i couldnt help but hear the rumours of Gin's bankai and his abilites being very weak. However after reading the chapter and seeing the imagery its all been put in the right context for me. True some may say Gin's bankai is boring with it only extending further, which i can understand, but i have a feeling this isn't all that his Ban-kai is capable of. At the same time the final panel of Gin smiling makes me think that Gin still has much to show, and that this is only the beginning of what he can offer in terms of fighting abilities. Onto the conversation between Gin and Ichigo i thought it was actually very interesting and perhaps alluded more to Gin's personality with Ichigo stating that he gained an insight into everyone he drew swords with except him... the meaning in this could go anyway and i think its quite awesome. Apart from this i think this chapter must hold the record for the amount of times Gin opened his eyes in a single chapter!

Aside from the Gin/Ichigo fight i found that the short clip of Aizen vs Isshin was also rather good, it keeps us up to date on how they are progressing without giving up to much Gin-time. It appears as though they are fighting on equal terms at least, am i not right in saying this is one of the few and only times Aizen has been forced to use shunpo in a fight? if so thats rather cool and bodes well for the fight as a whole. Though i still have my concerns about whether thats really Aizen he is fighting.

All in all i thought this was a decent chapter and my fears about Gin have been relieved for now as i do strongly believe he has far more to show us.

Anyway i be glad to hear your guys comments on this chapter, thanks!

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