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December 29, 2009
  • GinIchimaru

    Hi Guys, I havent posted here for a while due to my job requiring me to travel which means i have choppy internet access so i dont know if anyone will remember me, but i do still read the website and I am consistently amazed at how this wiki goes from strength to strength with the help of a team of thoroughly hard-working moderators and admins, not to mention the larger memberbase. Im not to sure if the Blog policy has changed in my absence to only allow the one weekely review blog from Godisme (which is always an enjoyable read) but i hope its still ok to post discussion blogs as long as they are rational, if not i will certainly delete if necessary.

    Anyway I have heard alot of negativity surrounding this arc, some fair and and some less r…

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  • GinIchimaru

    I was simply going to leave a comment about this weeks chapter on Godisme or Lia Schiffer's blog as i usually do, however when writing it out i found it was far to large to be a comment so ive decided to write this blog.

    Firstly, a quick note on the chapter itself:

    I liked this chapter, but in alot of ways it seemed choppy. Scenes seemed thrown together rather than a more progressive flow. However, I understand that the next couple of chapters may be like this as Kubo looks to answer fan questions on the status's of characters etc. Im extremely happy that Yammy got Kensei'd, god knows it would've been a waste of a chapter if we had to watch the whole fight. The part with Ichigo choking in the end has left things abit up in the air concerning…

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  • GinIchimaru

    Gin in context.

    September 1, 2010 by GinIchimaru

    So I was reading over the past 200 hundred chapters as I feel that by reading all the chapters in quick succession I get a good idea of the flow of the story. Anyway I came across some of the things involving Gin before we knew that he intended to betray Aizen and I'm trying to figure out if these words had a double meaning now we know Gins true intentions.

    1. Gin, whilst watching the battle between Aizen and the Gotei 13, comments on Aizens power. He states that it is not Aizens zanpakuto that makes him scary, but his power and that nobody there could defeat him. Now from what we know of Gin now we could take it that this was Gin simply gloating to himself, as he said recently "he enjoyed knowing he was the only one who could kill Aizen".…

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  • GinIchimaru

    414 : Gin Rebels

    July 30, 2010 by GinIchimaru

    OMG, OMG, OMG! I'd read the spoiler but nothing prepared me for the pure awesome sandwich which was this chapter... it more than makes up for the past few terrible chapters for me. Mainly Gin just rocked the house, i mean sure we guessed that he would rebel against Aizen, and sure there will be people asking why now and not earlier in the story.... but i couldnt care about that right now, Gin has shown himself to be completely amazing once again. Also his Bankai, i knew he was hiding something, that slippery little snake (see what i did there), but wow, its so cool now and so dangerous. The way Gin explained hs actions suited him so perfectly too, he didnt attack Aizen all this time, as it humoured him to know he was the only one in the Go…

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  • GinIchimaru

    Ive noticed alot of people have focused on their disgruntlement with the explanation of the hogyokus powers and about how Aizen downsizes Urahara's knowledge of it. However we have to accept the fact that for now this is how things are. This is a 'What Now' speculation blog where i hope people will comment on what they think Aizen will do with the hogyoku and this new power (and yes it is new to him as this is the first time he has truly mastered the hogyoku). I'll give a few possibilities:
    1) If it truely materializes the will of the master, then surely the most logical thing is that it will materialize the kings key, or something else that will give Aizen access to the kings dimension.
    2) Aizen will instantly be able to kill anyone he wan…

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