• Gin'iro no tsuki

    Bleach 378! AARGH!

    October 17, 2009 by Gin'iro no tsuki

    Bleach 378 was just super disappointing.Why does Ichigo have to always go to the rescue of these girls all the time? They do have powers of their own yet of no use at all.Its a bit annoying when Ichigo is off to save one girl after another.For once I'd like to see him duel someone without some girl being the cause for it. Kubo seriously needs to do something if I might say so about his old fashioned I'm-here-to-save-the-girl storyline!

    And what does They're not the eyes of someone about to kill his enemy mean? What else is he going to do if not that?

    And what about Ulqi?!!!Thats it? They did not even bother throwing light on his past like they did with some of the other main espadas.Personally I dont care much for Hiyori's life like I do for U…

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