• Fusedtwilight

    Nature of the Soul King

    December 25, 2015 by Fusedtwilight

    So after so many years we finally got to see the Soul King and find out why he is so important. He regulates the flow of souls in and out of the afterlife and if he dies then all the worlds will die with him.

    Apparently he fathered Yhwach at some point and lost several body parts that gained their own independent thought.

    But then it was stated that the Soul King was made by the Shinigami and at some point he had seals placed to keep his powers in check by his makers.

    My question is if his existence keeps the worlds going then what was things like before he was made? Who made him exactly? How did he loose his limbs and how did they gain their own identity and is Yhwach actually his son in the sense of blood relation or like Gerard is he just …

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