In the squad 11 ending you can see his sword transform into a water like blade.I think kenpachi's sword is like kazeshini sharper then a normal sword and controls water like firing blades of water. similar 2 what kazeshini used, check 235-236 for kazeshini's powers. I think this because in the filler it said kenpachi's sword was to powerful to show,remember water covers 75% of earth, pretty much water is everywherse, also take this for a spin water puts out fire ,Ryujinjakka is the oldes the greatest,the most dangerous zanpakutou and the most powerful fire type and has the greatest attack power in seireitei. so think about that ,if his sword beats ryujinjakka its powerful alright. So from what if provided i beleive his sword is a male, is a water type and possibly equal or stronger to ryujinjakka and hyourinmaru

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