In episodes 39 and 236 ichigo with the help of zangetsu/shirosaki uses a getsuga that is shaped like his first hollow mask and each time it is extremly strong i have questions about it

my questionss about it are 1. why cant ichigo use this ability without zanetsu or shiro? 2. what is it, an amped up getsuga or a new technique? 3. in episode 236 zangetsu said " WITH OUT HIS BANKAI, THIS IS...." whas he suprised by how strong the attack was or what the attack was? 4. why is this attack so strong is it because its just two of them working together or something else entirely? 5.might it be related to shiro in someway? in 39 zangetsu was dominant over shiro and in 236 zangetsu wasnt there. 6. could it be releated to his fullbring?

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