• Fatdude

    Bleach 519: Hot Hot Heat

    December 6, 2012 by Fatdude

    I'd really like Kubo to at least hint at what the Vandenreich's goal could be, because so far, all they've seemed to want was revenge on the Gotei 13 and on hollows. Hueco Mundo is like their second base now, and they nearly destroyed the Gotei 13, so if that were their goal, they finished it. But that's clearly only a minor part of their plan, so I wonder what could be even more wicked than killing the Spirit King and becoming God in his place, after bestowing Shinigami powers upon the most corrupt souls in existence (hollows). I didn't expect the Spirit King to look like that, but I am impressed with how he looks. I wonder who the guy kneeling before the Spirit King could be.

    I really like this chapter. Overall 9/10. Not perfect, but impr…

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